• The Future Tech Expo, a place of inspiration for young generation where dreamvision come to live with sciencetechnology

  • 2020 -03 -11
Future Tech Expo (FUTEX 2019) ended wonderfully in the coldest winter day last December, attracted more than 100,000 visits for 4 days. In the opening ceremony of FUTEX, president Tsai Ing-wen, who attended for the first time mentioned: "Thanks, Minister Chen, for promoting the Future Tech Expo successfully for three years. The third year of the Future Tech Expo has become an important platform for innovative technology and industrial transformation." FUTEX 2019 had set up 11 exhibition areas, which did not only attract different industry leaders for a visit, but also professional groups from around the world, showing that the FUTEX has been expected by industries and international firms.
Minister Chen of the Ministry of Science and Technology said at the opening ceremony: “The Future Tech Expo is not only a showcase of results of the laboratory, but also the realization of the dreams in science which the entire government and society would like to showcase for young people who are willing to cultivate in Taiwan.” During the exhibition, the inspiring drive from teachers and students to enthusiastically present their researches and the discussion between academics and industries alike, had fully demonstrated the academic capabilities and yielded or made over 7,000 matching events. It is estimated that the effect in matching industry-academic after the exhibition will reach 1 billion NT dollars.
All the hard work from planning to preparation for FUTEX were worthy, and mostly, we are honored by your participation. Let us present a clip that captured every moment during the four days of FUTEX 2019.
FUTEX 2019 Highlights