• The high temperature managementpre-warningprevention of pestsdiseases for beef tomato production

  • 2019 -11 -05
This technology multiple research to to develop a "smart integrated production system" for the production of beef tomatoes in the high temperature environment, and to prevention and control of pests and diseases.
(1)We has speculate three cultivars have the better abilities to resist high temperature.
(2)Use circulation root temperature control system, control the root temperature. Results show that controlling root temperature can regulate the evapotranspiration of crops, to achieve the goal of reducing the heat of crops.
(3)Use IOT technology to collect climate data, to build a common information platform. Using R-CNN identification of powdery mildew, early blight and Bemisia argentifoli Bellows & Perring, the average recognition accuracy of training and test results has reached 88.89%. And combine pest and disease identification technology with historical environmental data, to plan the fuzzy expert warning system.
(4) An field robot has been developed that automatically finds the location of the flower for the mutated spray.

The high temperature management and pre-warning and prevention of pests and diseases for beef tomato production