• A Secure IoT Communication Technique with Ultra Low Power Wake-Up Scheme

  • 2019 -10 -22
Recently, Internet of Things (IoT) has significantly improved our life quality through many convenient services it provides. While IoT will continue to be ubiquitously integrated into our daily life, it is expected that the number of IoT devices will grow dramatically in the future. However, IoT devices are generally subject to limited computing power and energy budget. Thus, communication encryption and rigorous identity authentication are often neglected. This negligence posts a significant threat on the security of IoT. To resolve the aforementioned issues, this study designs a suite of secure and low-power communication schemes for IoT devices.
To safeguard the IoT security, based on Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) and Trusted Third Party (TTP), we have designed a mutual authentication scheme, a highly secure and low-complexity key generation and update scheme, and a one-time wake-up pattern generation and update scheme. With these proposed schemes, we are able to significantly enhance the IoT security and defend against various attacks from adversaries, such as Denial-of-Sleep attack, eavesdropping attack, replay attack, cloning attack and impersonation attack.
To dramatically reduce the energy consumption of IoT devices and prolong their operating time, we have designed a low-power wake-up transceiver. With the wake-up transceiver, an IoT device is able to implement the wake-up scheme, which is a key technology in minimizing IoT’s power consumption. Our wake-up receiver consumes significantly less energy than that of a main receiver up to one thousand times. Furthermore, the wake-up transceiver is designed to facilitate one-time wake-up pattern and mitigate the Denial-of-Sleep attack. The wake-up transceiver supports the popular OOK/FSK/PSK modulation schemes, allowing  better integration with the current commercial products.

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