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One-On-One Matching System
Personal Data Collection Notification Items and Usage Consent Form
When you apply to become a member of the One-On-One Matching system (hereinafter referred to as “the system”), you will be asked to provide personal information as part of the registration process. We are required by law to notify you of the following items. After carefully reading the contents of this consent form, please indicate whether you agree or disagree.
1. Purposes and Categories for the Collection of Personal Data
The personal data provided upon registration that will be collected, obtained, and used for the purposes of managing the system’s membership information and your access to or use of the various services offered by the system, including online registration for exhibitions and events, notifications regarding the time of registered events, and all types of information provided by the system to members, include: full name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, and other information that may be used to identify the applicant.
2. Personal Data Usage
The system will process and use the personal data you provide within the territory of the Republic of China for the aforementioned collection purposes in a reasonable way and in accordance with laws until the collection purposes are fulfilled. The system will not provide the information to third parties or use it for purposes other than collection purposes unless an explanation is provided in advance, such an action is necessary to provide services and fulfill contractual obligations, or it is required by decree or authorized authorities in accordance with law.
3. Exercising Your Data Protection Rights
Under the provisions of Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, you can exercise the following rights with regards to the system: the right to check or review your personal data; the right to request a copy of your personal data; the right to supplement or correct any personal data; the right to demand the cessation of the collection, processing, or use of your personal data; and the right to delete your personal data. If you would like to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, please contact us via email: futuretech.most@gmail.com.
4. The Effect on Your Rights and Interests When Personal Data is Not Provided
If you opt not to provide personal data, provide incorrect personal data, request the cessation of the collection/processing/use of your personal data, request the deletion of your personal data, or unsubscribe from service text messages, this system will not be able to provide or will stop providing services relating to the collection purposes detailed above. Please understand that this may affect your use of related services or inquiries or acquisitions of records prior to the cessation.
5. You may unsubscribe to service notifications and related text messages by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link provided in the text messages or by emailing the system’s customer service during working hours. If you discover that the system is in violation of this personal data statement, please file a report with the system’s customer service via email.
Consent to Provide Personal Data
  1. I have read and understand the above notification items, and I have checked “Agree” to authorize the system to collect, process, and use my personal data within a necessary and reasonable scope for the stipulated purposes.
  2. I understand this consent form complies with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and related regulations, and is provided to the system for preservation and future verification and use.