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  • Systemic Safety Cell Therapy Product Development: Low- Risk in Tumor Promotion for Allogeneic Mesenchymal-stem-cell Products derived from Maternal Placenta (Zi He Che)
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  • Taipei Medical University
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  • 黃彥華
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  • rita1204@tmu.edu.tw
Technical Description The serum-free selection culture method was applied to generate human placenta maternal-part (choriodecidual membrane) mesenchymal stem cells (pcMSCs), which could be used to cure acute severe injury pcMSCS could be sub-cultured more than 20-passages thus could make a cell-bank for emergency use importantly, pcMSCs could not promote tumor growthsometime could inhibits certain tumors growth.
Scientific Breakthrough 1.Serum-free selection culture method (2 patents in Taiwan).2.The cells are no risk for tumor promoting thus can be used systemically in safety.3.Multi-potency in immunemodulation.4.Mass-production for the cell in serum-free culture even after 20-passages, the cells still have multi-potency in immunomodulationstem cell potentials.5.Highly safeeffective, suitable for aging groups.
Industrial Applicability We have successfully generated the clinical grade human pcMSCs with high passage capacity (20 passages) using novel serum-free selection cultivation. The pcMSC unique characters in stemness stabilityfree of tumor growth risk highly benefit the future patient affordable clinical allogenic cell therapy, in particular for the systemically safe use of age-related diseasescancer patients.