• The 2021 FUTEX will be launched with a brand new look for online exhibition

2021 -07 -23
【Latest news】Due to the severe COVID-19 epidemic, in order to take into account the health and safety of all attendees, the 2021 FUTEX will be launched with a brand-new online exhibition from 14th-23rd October. In order to create a single international showcase for Taiwan's science and technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, together with the Academia Sinica, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, jointly created the "Taiwan Innotech Expo – Future Tech Theme Pavilion (FUTEX)". The theme of the exhibition focuses on forward-looking scientific research results in the fields of precision health ecosystem, electronics and optoelectronics, AI and AIoT applications, digital transformation, space technology, and novel materials.
This year, a time-free geographical limit online exhibition will be created, so that people who cannot come, are able to master the forward-looking technology through online exhibition.
Online exhibition will be seen as value extension from physical exhibition. It can help visitors realize the physical field planning in advance, and create the discussion between the network community media. During the exhibition, we not only focus on technical methods such as virtual reality and virtual tour guide to enhance online display effects, but also through multi-language audio guide, instant interactive negotiation and conference appointment to create a high degree of interaction and communication marketing field. What’s more, by the instant database, grasping the digital trajectory of potential customers. After the exhibition, the online exhibition does not have the same venue lease restrictions as the physical exhibition, it can maintain the marketing publicity without interruption, seamlessly link up with the "Taiwan Innotech Expo – Future Tech Theme Pavilion (FUTEX)" next year.

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